About us

We promote those minor alterations in your life and lifestyle to effectively manage and regress the prevalent kidney disease. Our treatment philosophy has always been patient-centric and to bring back their lives to normalcy. Our other courses of treatment include- dialysis (home or at the center) and kidney transplant.

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    What is
    kidney Disease?

    Kidney Disease’ is a general term for damage that reduces the function of a kidney. Kidneys are organs that are essential for maintaining life. They filter and regulate blood across the body. When the kidneys no longer perform their functions, the body starts exhibiting symptoms such as –

    • Swelling all over the body (excessive swelling on the feet) Increase or decrease in urination.

    These symptoms are the most common indicators of the prevalence of kidney disease.

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    How does one get
    Kidney Disease?

    Diabetes and high blood pressure are leading causes of kidney disease.

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    What’s after identifying
    you have Kidney Disease?

    Delaying the progression of Kidney Disease: Once you have identified the prevalence of Kidney Disease, it is important to assess the stage you are in. Post which treatment options should be considered to either delay the progression and find a solution that leads you back to a healthy life. The right customized diet and medical management can help a patient effectively tackle Kidney disease.

Why choose us

  • We specialize in delaying the need for dialysis.

    adjusting to a life on dialysis can be difficult. To curb this, we work round the clock to identify a definite path ahead with dieticians and other specialists. We work towards retaining a patient's normal life.

  • Dialysis in your home

    Many different forms of dialysis can be undertaken by a patient. We train and equip a patient to conduct home dialysis which could be more suitable to their lifestyle and more accommodating to a patient's schedule!

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    Budget friendly treatments

    Our medical practices follow our patient-first philosophy. We offer economical treatment options making sure that the only thing a patient needs to worry about is getting better!