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Kidney Transplant

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A renal transplant is the treatment of choice for kidney failure. Alternatively, a patient would be subjected to a lifetime of dialysis. A kidney transplant treats chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease to help you feel better and live longer.

During this procedure, a surgeon takes a donated kidney and places it in your body.


One of the biggest risks of renal transplantation is the rejection of the organ. Our body is bound to fight against any foreign organs and the body’s immune system might attack the new kidney. When a new kidney is placed inside the body, the patient is given immunosuppressants to help in the acceptance of the new organ in the body.

Transplant patients need to be extremely careful not to get exposed to infections. There are several medications that help prevent rejection of new organs but they have side effects as well. This is why you need to choose your transplant and post-operative care team with utmost caution. Our experienced team is assured to guide you through this tough time every step of the way.

Live organtransplant

Normal Live Transplant

Sometimes family members, including brothers, sisters, parents, children (18 years or older), uncles, aunts, cousins, or a spouse or close friend may wish to donate a kidney. That person is called a “living donor.” The donor must be in excellent health, well informed about transplantation, and able to give informed consent.
Any healthy person can donate a kidney safely after we conduct tests and procedures to assess the match.

Swap Transplant:

A swap transplant involves the exchange of organs between two families, who cannot donate to their family members due to blood group mismatch. By doing a swap, two patients with kidney failure who in normal circumstances cannot undergo a transplant because of a blood group mismatch within that family can now go ahead with kidney transplantation.
Once there is a match, your nephrologist will be informed and your surgery will be done by your transplant team.
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Across Blood Group transplant:

Until recently, a kidney transplant could not be performed unless both the kidney recipient and the donor had compatible blood types. About one-third of donors and recipients were declined due to ABO blood type incompatibility.

Now, we can eliminate a recipient’s reaction to an incompatible blood type. This process allows more people to receive and benefit from a living donor kidney transplant.


Cadaver organtransplant

This cadaver kidney is received from a deceased or brain-dead patient. The kidney is removed with consent from the donor card or family members and placed in the recipient whose kidneys have failed and no longer function properly.

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