Dialysis at the comfort
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Dialysis is a long term relationship,
Choose your team and primary care givers wisely!

Hemodialysis is a treatment to filter out wastes, salts, and fluids from your body when your kidneys are no longer healthy enough to carry out this function. Normally, this procedure also helps your body control blood pressure and maintain the proper balance of potassium, sodium, and calcium in your body.

Hemodialysis begins well before your kidneys have shut down to the point of causing life-threatening complications.

Your healthcare teamwill include

  • best-hospital-for-kidney-treatment-hyderabad
    Top Nephrologists
  • ambulatory-dialysis-in-hyderabad
    Primary care clinician
  • best-doctors-team-in-hyderabad
  • capd-peritoneal-dialysis
    Dedicated Renal Dietician

Why chooseHyderabad Dialysis

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    1st in South India to conduct a interhospital Swap Transplant
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    Involved in Sequential Liver and Kidney transplants
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    Individualised attention to every patient
  • treatment-for-kidney-disease-hyderabad
    Over 1000+ transplants conducted
  • best-hospital-for-kidney-disease
    Trusted Emergency Care and ICU Facility
  • chronic-kidney-disease-treatment
    Free diet consultations

We are committed to providing nephrologist supervision every step of the way to maximize the patients' quality of life!

Hemodialysis in ICU:

The department has a Nephrology ICU where all modalities of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)/ SLED Dialysis and Automated PD for the critically ill are performed on a daily basis.

What makes us stand out is that we have a curated team of Nephrology specialists observing and taking care of all the ICU patients in this Unit, making us a one of a kind Nephrology ICU.

Where can I haveHemodialysis?

  • home-dialysis-services
    Dialysis Centres
  • Renal-transplant-surgery
    At the comfort of your home

How does it work with us

  • chronic-kidney-disease-peritoneal-dialysis
    Set a schedule

    One sitting of Hemodialysis takes about 4 hours, and is a recurring treatment across the week/month. A team of trained health care professionals will help you set a schedule keeping your medical and personal commitments in check.

  • liver-organ-transplant
    Curated Diet Plans

    When you are on Hemodialysis, you may need to alter your diet and keep high sodium, potassium and phosphorus foods in check. For this, we provide you with free diet counselling which will help you manage your treatments better to ensure the best long term results!

  • kidney-damage-treatment
    Follow-up with specialists

    After a few sittings with us, a Nephrology specialist will be following up with you on your case, and suggest a way forward.